Interactions, Dynamics and Lasers Laboratory (LIDYL)

LIDYL (CEA, CNRS et Université Paris Saclay - UMR9222) is a laboratory of Iramis (CEA-Saclay/ Matter Sciences Division /Institute Rayonnement Matière of Saclay) dedicated to basic research in the field of photon-matter interaction, ultrafast dynamics, high intensity physics, plasma physics.

Today capable of producing impulses lasers of some optical cycles, at the same time without piedestal and extremely intense (> 1021 W/cm2), the optics domain has accessed orders of height - in less than 15 years - in passing energies of some of eV in the domain of the GeV. Considering the constant and spectacular progress accomplished in laboratories every year, it is completely possible that the TeV regime is reached in the near future.

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LIDYL Internet website

LIDyL/PHIThe Physic at High Intensity group of LIDYL  embarked in this area in very strong growth by focusing on two complementary aspects: the use of radiation produced to better understand the physics of the interaction and the use of these radiation sources with uncommon properties to develop original applications.

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