Apollon : Salle longue focale
Fundamental science
  • electron acceleration
    single stage and multi-stage
    blow-out and quasi-linear regime
  • direct photon production
    plasma undulator («betatron»)
    magnetic undulator radiation (seeding)
    non-lin. Thomson; Compton up-scattering
  • HHG, flying mirror  (on gas targets)




  • e– acceleration
    • investigate validity of LWFA for future high energy accelerators
    • investigate plasma wave acceleration relevant for alternative excitation
       (e.g. PWFA either e– or proton driven)
    • test beams for nuclear and HE particle detectors
    • gamma-radiography for material science
  • photon production and photo science
    • time-resolved and single shot radiography (X)
    • pump beams for X ray lasers in the keV regime
    • life sciences, material science, medical diagnostics R&D
Apollon : Salle longue focale

Teams involved

#12 - Màj : 17/09/2019


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