Workshop on "High energy class mid-infrared lasers" - 17 October 2018 in Berlin-Adlershof  


Lasers in the mid-infrared (MIR) wavelength range (wavelengths around 1.7 - 5.0µm) are currently of rapidly increasing interest and market importance. MIR lasers operate with beam characteristics that cannot be delivered by conventional  lasers, and enable new and scientifically and industrially important applications to be addressed, especially when ultra-short MIR pulses are available, or when they are used as pumps for other gain media. Examples of application fields include XUV or X-ray sources, laser driven particle acceleration, as well as many applications in medicine, life sciences, material research, material (e.g.  semiconductor) processing, solar cells and defense. Such MIR sources have the potential to replace many current lasers operating in the 1 µm wavelength range. Of particular interest are sources that deliver high energy MIR pulses, as these are not currently commercially available.  We therefore present here a workshop focusing on status of efforts towards developing these important MIR sources, detailing latest progress in the key system components.

Workshop Chairs: J. Hein IOQ Jena; P. Crump, FBH Berlin 

Detailed program. Participation free of charge, but registration is mandatory : Registration.

The workshop is part of the Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg which are held on October 17th and 18th in Berlin-Adlershof. Latest informations on this conference.

S. Jubera, dépêche du 09/10/2018


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